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When embarking on the “overhaul” for the new home, not a few people are confused to determine the overall color palette for the whole house. In order to arrange the harmony between interior and exterior, creating a beautiful building, architects and interior designers also need to have certain guidelines.

Hot or cold?
In interior design, fine art, or at least in a paint shop, I have heard of hot and cold tones. Warm colors have the dominant colors such as yellow, orange, red, pink … The colors are cool blue, green, white, glass … There are neutral colors, both cold “hot” . Each house needs a dominant color scheme.

Compensation or similar?
On the whole, we must determine how the design of the house will be in the color harmony or contrast? The harmonious colors will lie side by side on the color wheel (every salon has). Color contrast is as simple as red – green; Blue – yellow are the components that make up a very unique whole.